‘What do fossil fuels and recruitment have in common? They’re on the way out.’

We’ve reached the tipping point in the renewable energy vs fossil fuels debate. The global community has clearly demonstrated that the future of energy will come from renewable sources. In a similar vein, business has through ‘voting with their feet’ shown that the future of recruitment, an industry worth £280 Billion globally, is going through a transformation and having reviewed the alternatives, I am of the opinion that recruitment coaching will play a large part in the future of the industry.

Let’s face it, whilst on many accounts recruitment works, there clearly are gaps and inconsistencies in the quality and service offered.  Stereotypes, whilst regularly unfair, usually come from a real source.

In this blog I want to look at the current standard of recruitment offering and where we, at Piper Maddox, see it moving to in the future; Career coaching.

Have you been fortunate enough to work with a lifestyle coach? If you have, you’ll draw parallels with ease.

For those that haven’t, a lifestyle coach is, in my mind, the ultimate mentor. They are someone who really gets you to ask the questions that stimulate action and provoke deep thought. Someone who allows you to see the path that’s right for you. Often you know the answers but don’t know the formula to come to a conclusive viewpoint. I am of the opinion that this coaching model will be the future of our industry and as recruiters we need to move away from transactional based approaches.

With a singular point of contact you can gain insight to market trends, facilitate introductions to like-minded professionals and use this as a sound board to playback your long term career goals with someone who’s an expert in their field. For me, having goals is a key part of life and work. I’m fortunate to have an ongoing relationship with a lifestyle coach – ironically we mainly speak about work! Work is where we achieve self-actualisation, generate that Serotonin kick and demonstrate what we’re capable of. Engaging with someone who can clearly contribute to this far exceeds the possibility of a job-by-job transactional-based approach.

Benefits of working with a coach;

  • Overview of the market from a singular point of contact. (No more constantly repeating yourself).
  • Someone who can provide 360 degree feedback.
  • An ongoing relationship with someone invested in your career and personal growth.
  • A springboard to bounce ideas off of and someone who can sanity check your thinking.
  • Improvement in your performance.  Help in Identifying targets and goals.
  • Increased awareness of personal learning and development.
  • A point of contact to advise on remuneration, changes within industry / organisation.
  • Increased ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues.
  • A reality check. You know this is working when you can accept difficult feedback.
  • Someone working twelve hours a day engaging with clients and other candidates with you in mind – a committed representative.

The most important decisions in your life can be led by fear.  When it comes to work, even the most headstrong are afraid of making mistakes which will undermine their careers. As a result, making a career decision based on a transactional process, for me, doesn’t add up.

A lot of people commit to a job move based on snap decisions, which can be very damaging in the long term. Next time you hit the wall, see the red mist or blow up in the workplace you can use this relationship for an educated opinion and to help identify the best solution. To quote one of the greatest coaches, Vince Lombardi, ‘Act, don’t react’! If you have clear career goals and a system to keep them in place and on track, there’s no place for the above style of thinking.

Coaching checklist;

There are plenty of recruitment consultants out there. Before considering someone as a career coach ask yourself the following;

  • ‘Is this person credible?’
  • ‘Are they asking me thought provoking questions?’
  • ‘are they interested in getting the basic details and ending the call or really understanding my situation and motivations’.
  • Does this person want to work with me in the capacity of a career coach?

If the answer is positive across the board then I would advise working with them long term on a more engaging basis. Recruitment consultants after all, good ones at least are very entrepreneurial with great business savvy, common sense and the knowledge of what’s possible.

Make a conscious effort to catch up with your coach regularly. Check your progress and gain insight from their network. Frequently opportunities in your existing organisation will exceed those outside and a recruitment consultant will be able to advise on how to approach issues in the workplace, discussing salary, promotion, gaining greater responsibilities or, improving work-life balance.

(Sanity Check) – If you’re pitching for a contract from a major operator, would you seek to learn the competitions price, time-frame, delivery team and track record? Recruitments no different. With an analytical head on, see how you compare to the competition, are your expectations realistic?

Thinking as a hiring manager, this model is significantly more appealing. Who do you want representing your business? Do you want to hire professionals who’ve ‘had it up to here’ or those that have monitored the market, weighed up their options and are ready to commit to your business and team? On the flipside, candidate attraction has never been more important. Working with a career coach who can provide 360 feedback, give deep insight into candidates motivations and generally advise on how to stand out could be invaluable in helping to grow your business.

We know the future of Energy, the future’s bright, the future’s green. Can the same be said for recruitment? I believe so. Don’t accept average, in the same way you are a pioneer in energy, encourage pioneering work in recruitment. Embrace and champion an evolving industry.


If you’re interested in getting involved in mentoring to give something back / develop your coaching abilities then get in touch. At Piper Maddox we work with a London based charity mentoring young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds and helping them to identify their future. It’s hugely rewarding for all parties involved and a great way for us to help future young adults, open our eyes to broader issues and provide a platform for our consultants to develop their skill-sets beyond the staffing industry.


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