Energy Efficiency

What is it and Why is it Important? Energy Efficiency, in the simplest terms, is doing more with less. In the cleantech industry this can mean something as small as a household appliance to a whole building infrastructure. In reality, it is making buildings function better and saving companies money. As an industry, energy efficiency has been around since the early 1980’s and is a crucial component of resource planning for utilities.

Energy Efficiency is important for a few main reasons. The first being it’s good for the planet, making buildings more efficient allows for the use of less resources because they aren’t wasting energy through inefficiencies. It is also beneficial because it saves cost on electricity. Lastly it provides better conditions for working environments, people are proven more productive when they work in more comfortable buildings i.e. energy efficient.

What we do in it?  Here at Piper Maddox we focus on placing permanent and contract employees within this exciting diverse market. We partner with businesses in this arena as they look to grow aggressively in the market. The types of companies we typically partner with include, Energy Services Campines, Energy Management companies, and providers of efficient HVAC systems. Within these businesses we work with candidates on both the technical and commercial sides of the business.