Wind power captures the natural wind in our atmosphere and converts it into mechanical energy, before turning it into electricity. Today’s wind turbine is a highly evolved version of a windmill. Modern wind turbines harness wind’s kinetic energy and convert it into electricity. Most wind turbines have three blades and sit atop a steel tubular tower, ranging in size from 80-foot-tall turbines that can power a single home, to utility-scale turbines that power hundreds of homes.

– Utility-Scale Wind: wind turbines larger than 100 kilowatts are developed with electricity delivered to the power grid and distributed to the end user by electric utilities or power system operators.

– Distributed or “Small” Wind: which uses turbines of 100 kilowatts or smaller to directly power a home, farm or small business as its primary use.

– Offshore Wind: which are wind turbines erected in bodies of water.