What is it and Why is it Important?

Wind Energy in the US powers more than 25 million homes per year and accounts for around 8% of total power generation in the States, more than any other Renewable source. What’s behind those numbers is sheer growth, growth in terms of investment, return and most importantly, growth in jobs. ‘Wind Technician’ was the fastest growing occupation in the country by a whopping 108% growth rate!

Wind Power is already a stable, mature industry in the US and still has more to give.

As states across the country commit to increasing their Renewable Energy targets, in some cases to 100%, Wind energy will play a pivotal role in bringing affordable, clean power to the country.


What we do in it?

Piper Maddox works with some of the most exciting, dynamic companies in the Wind Energy

industry, from the Developers to the OEMs we are helping connect the best companies with the best talent. We have been at the forefront of the nascent Offshore Wind Energy sector in the US, helping to staff some of the country’s first offshore wind projects.

Nobody is better place to help provide talent or connect you with amazing companies in Wind Energy than Piper Maddox.