Electric Vehicles

What is EV and why is it important?

Electric vehicles, believe it or not, actually date back to the 19th century but hadn’t gained significant popularity until reducing fossil fuel dependence became a matter of contention. Over half of oil produced goes to fuel vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, and this accounts for nearly one-fifth of all US emissions. Because of this, driving the adoption of Electric Vehicles is a key strategic initiative amongst cities, municipalities, and even whole countries. Some regions such as the UK and India have set a deadline (2040 in the UK, 2030 in India) to ban all sales of cars powered by ICEs. Most automotive OEMs are set to fully electrify all their new vehicles sold in the next decade, and under the current growth trajectory, global sales of new electric vehicles will quadruple from 2017 to 2020. The future of mobility is electric.


What do we do in it?

At Piper Maddox, we form true partnerships with our clients, helping them recruit the very best electrification talent across both commercial and technical disciplines. We successfully support both Automotive OEMs and Suppliers and network ourselves to be able to provide talent for every function within their businesses.