Grid Edge

What is it and Why is it Important?? Grid Edge refers to technologies in both the hardware and software spaces that can be installed at the “edge” of the power therefore closest to the end user instead of at the power source. These technologies include, Advanced Metering Infrastructures (AMI), Smart Thermostats, Building Controls and Smart Appliances. Many times, these hardwares are paired with software solutions such as demand response technologies, grid optimization and Data Analytics.

Grid Edge is important for a few crucial reasons. It provides customers more control over their energy spend, managing it when electricity is at an all time high. It also allows for the ability to monitor energy in Realtime and seeing where buildings are inefficient. The idea of Grid Edge is to bring energy sources closer to the end user which allows for increased reliability, security and sustainability. An all around more efficient electric grid. Additionally, Grid Edge is becoming increasingly interesting to the utility business as they look to compete and adapt in the changing Electricity Market.


What we do in it? Here at Piper Maddox we focus on placing permanent and contract employees within this exciting diverse market. We partner with businesses in this arena as they look to grow aggressively in the market. The types of companies we typically partner with include, software focused energy management businesses, smart metering installers and providers, as well as firms that provide a whole suite of solutions ranging from the hardware installation to the pairing of software solutions. Within these businesses, we work with candidates on both the technical and commercial sides of the business.